Sunday, May 31, 2009

KISS Principal- Keeping your Sign Simple

If you have been to Las Vegas you know it is easy to be taken in by the grandeur of the signs along the infamous Strip. As one gets ready to plan for a sign we can be lost in the details of what all to include. We often want to communicate all of the wonderful products and services our business has too offer. Along with the what, where, when, and how we offer those products, before to long we’ve over whelmed the customer with information. When considering signage a great resource is the SBA who offers 18 design tips with #3 being to “Keep it Simple” and #2 “Save the Details for the Sale.” When thinking back to the signs along the Vegas Strip it is important to note that most of the traffic is foot traffic. When planning for your sign know what the traffic around it is and how it will be able to interact with your customers.

One of our recent projects was for Route 68 Grill on Main St. in Bellefontaine. The owners are loosing a large pole sign with the planned road expansion. The sign we recommended is a great fit for the business. It provides a clean, crisp look for the restaurant along with the flexibility to advertise different promotions. The changeable letters are locked behind a glass front to prevent mishaps from the wind or vandals but are still simple & easy to change. The new sign is informative and flows well with the current traffic and will transition well in the future. We have kept it simple but still created a great selling tool for our client.
Fast. Easy. Simple. DONE

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  1. oh wise sage, how true. I advocate the same in my business. Isn't it funny how too many businesses forget this most valuable principle?