Monday, January 31, 2011

Supporting Relay for Life - Family Game Night

Ask us about a sign! No, really, ask away. We often get strange questions from customers, quite often we can help & if not, we can often find someone who can help you. When we were approached about creating larger than life game pieces for the recent Relay for Life event, we said "no problem!" Our customer wanted something that would get attention, so we came up with a list of larger than life game pieces and then began the creative process. The most rewarding aspect of our business is creating solutions to customers questions. Our specialty is thinking out of the box, going above & beyond, creating the "wow" factor. We could have created the same ordinary red & white banner that had the name and date of the event, like so many others, but that lacked the "pop" our customer desired. So why not create fun, recognizable & memorable game pieces that really say "look at me!". While a simple sign or banner may do a good job at promoting an event, taking the creativity up a notch can really give an event impact.

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