Monday, May 18, 2009

Creating a Paradigm Shift – The Value of Dimensional Letters

So you decided to start a business, Great! You open a store, put up a sign, hire people and start selling. There are highs & lows but you love what you’re doing and each day you go to work to make the magic happen. Soon the days turn into years and you start to over look that sign you put up when you opened. Not only are you over looking it but so are your customers. Dimensional letter can be a cost-effective way to create a dramatic eye catching paradigm shift.

Last week we completed a job in Rushsylvania for Michael Angelo’s Pizza owned by world champion pizza team member Michael Shepherd. He had a nice sign before but it was time to make a change. With some paint, black aluminum and brushed gold dimensional letters we created a paradigm shift. While working on the install we had a guy on a bike, lady in a golf cart, a number of cars and the neighbors stop and take notice of the change. Once back at the sign shop we posted pictures on Facebook where within hours we had comments on the sign and how yummy the pizza is.

Your sign works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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  1. What a fantastic insert! It's funny how often we look at the same things day in and day out and don't realize what a small "face lift" could realy do for us and our business!