Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why We Produce Solutions Instead of Signs

Some time ago I read the mission statement of another sign shop and it made me start thinking of our own purpose as a company. I think we are a solutions company. While signs, graphics, logos and advertising materials are what we produce, it’s not really what we do. What we actually provide are advertising and marketing solutions to our clients. Our goal is to actually spend the least amount of money possible to grow your business the most. This sounds like a recipe for disaster, at least, that is what our accountant says. But the reality is that we don’t like spending your money. We’re cautious. We want your ad budget to be decreasing and your sales increasing. We want to give you the tools to make that happen. We want our clients to be spending less money for better results. We want to be your partner in solving marketing problems and driving results... increasing your company’s profits through smart solutions. As small business owners, we realize your budgets are limited. Sure, we like to make pretty things like logos and signs, but what we love even more is how those pretty things translate into sales and growth for your company. That’s exciting. That’s what we love about your jobs. I hope I can share some of those solutions here with you.


  1. I've always thought a mission statement was a useless tool - everyone has to have one but does it really serve a purpose? However, after reading your piece, I've realized that a true, honest statement is important for lots of reasons. Not only does it inform your customers about your intent and your company, it can also serve as a check and balance reminder for you, the owner. A great lesson that I should probably get a mission statement together!

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